The Wave

I will not calm down. Will not repress my emotions and swallow my tears. Will not control my temper. I will learn to surf on it. Transform the energy and let it drive me upward, forward.

But what if I fall? What if it comes crashing down on me, undercurrents pulling me away from the shore, big gulps of salty water filling my mouth, my throat, my lungs?

I won’t fall.

I might lose my balance for a second. Sway. Wobble. But I won’t fall. I will surf. And IF I should fall, I’m a good swimmer.

2 responses to “The Wave

  1. Courageous. Nothing is as tempting as emotions. Nothing is as scaring. Oh the love of it. When it comes to emotions, I love them all.

  2. Thanks for reading. Thanks for kind and inspiring words.

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