Monthly Archives: August 2010


”Six years wasted. Six years for nothing.” That’s what he said when I left him.

I was 29, panicking over where my life was heading. Whether I wanted to stay in the backseat of someone else’s car, or get in the driver’s seat of my own, finally. He was 27, ready to start a family. For him, our six years together had been an investment in the future. I erased that future with six words.

”Six years wasted. Six years for nothing.” These are among the most significant phrases in my life. They will always stay with me. Reminding me to treasure every day. Even the bad ones. Nothing is wasted. You will always have something to show for the love you spend. If only a scar, reminding you to spend it more wisely next time.

I hope, dear Martin, that you have come to realize this too. Finally.


Don’t hold back.
Don’t be afraid of failure.
Don’t protect yourself.
Don’t hide.

Don’t obey.
Don’t listen to jerks.
Don’t doubt yourself.
Don’t wait.

Don’t behave.
Don’t think too long.
Don’t punish yourself.
Don’t stop.

Don’t say don’t.

Do it.