The Quest

What am I looking for?

I’m not sure. But I keep trying. Keep making stupid choices, following trails that lead me nowhere. Keep getting lost, turning back in fear at any hint of a happy ending. Keep rushing back to hide behind myself. To cuddle up with my loneliness.

Sure, I know what I’m looking for. But I’ve forgotten what it looks like. Can’t remember what it feels like.

And I’m tired of looking. Oh, so tired.


3 responses to “The Quest

  1. How good are you at dismissing or confronting your fears? Courage is what we implement in the face of our fear. You’re much more powerful than you realize.
    Instead of looking for something – how about just concentrating on the things you love, and learning how to stay focused on the moment? Then – maybe what you’re looking for will find you.


  2. Har också varit i situationer då jag “letat” efter något. Men de gånger jag hittat något(n) har varit då jag, som du, tröttnat, och slutat leta. Kärleken kommer oftast när man är inte är beredd.

  3. There is someone I´d like you to meet. I will (try to) bring him to a tweetup.

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