Monthly Archives: December 2010

Big change starts small

Look inside.
Acknowledge your emotions. Identify your values and thought habits.

Look outside.
Recognize how your thoughts, values and emotions are manifested in your interaction with others.

Look back.
Find the root of your values and behavior. Don’t get tangled up in the past. Don’t expect to find all answers. But the past will never leave you alone, so you might as well learn something from it.

Look ahead.
Decide what you want to change. Imagine how you might affect future generations by the way you think and act from now on.

Think and act accordingly. And talk about it.


The color of 2011

I started Flowervalley Stories exactly one year ago. (True, posting has dwindled to a halt lately. But that’s another story.) My first post was about the year to come. About envisioning the character of 2010, through my choice of a new diary.*

You see, I believe we need rituals and symbols. As I once wrote, “I have no god, no religion”, but I have a strong belief in the power of love and the human mind. So I choose and create my own rituals and symbols. And for me, picking out a new diary towards the end of a year is a symbolic act of closure and evaluation, of vision and new beginnings.

Last year’s color was red. “Red for passion, courage, sex and fire. Red for love.” I could have added red for pain. Don’t get me wrong, I have no self-pity. I believe this stage was necessary in order to move forward. To break old, safe habits. To start saying yes. Taking risks. Exposing my true self. Sacrificing some to win more. This new habit of mine has been both painful and rewarding. And I’m ready to move on.

So, yesterday I bought a pink diary. Shocking pink, in the words of the fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. I discovered her creative genius and inspiring attitude at the Musée de la mode et du textile in Paris, in 2004. Schiaparelli was a strong woman with a mind of her own. She challenged old aesthetic truths, experimented with fabrics, patterns and shapes, and was at least as much of an artist as a fashion designer.

I challenge the general image of success and happiness. Experiment with myself, both on a professional and on a personal level. In 2010, I quit my job and started my own business in order to start exploring my creative and intellectual needs and potential. I entered into a number of relationships which were all doomed from the very start, in order to acknowledge myself as a sexual being.

And on that note, I even challenge the division between professional and personal. Is it possible to be always professional, always personal? I think so, and I will continue to test that hypothesis next year. Like Schiaparelli, I want both worlds. I want to add value to the business and brands of my customers. But I also want artistic, intellectual and emotional growth for myself and for people around me.

The color of 2011 is shocking pink. Pink for creativity, kindness, curiosity and fearless energy. Pink for love.

*You can read “The color of 2010” here, if you wish.