Monthly Archives: June 2011

The Maker

Making believe.
Making a mess
Making something out of nothing.
Making a change.
Making it work.
Making it up as I go along

Making love.
Making a living.
Making a precious moment last.
Making an effort
Making mistakes
Making my humble dreams come true.

Life is always in the making.
I’m the Maker.
So are you.

Life is like a bag

The Swedish comedian Hans Alfredson once said: “Life is like a bag. Void and empty unless you fill it with something.”

Sometimes I think there’s a hole in my bag. No matter how much I put in, it still feels empty.

Then, sometimes I think I have a really ugly bag. I hate the sight of it and just want to exchange it for a prettier one.

Other times, I think it’s a plastic bag. Stick my head into it, and I might suffocate.

But most of the time, I just wish it had neat little compartments to keep stuff in order. Then I wouldn’t have to waste so much time looking for things in all the wrong places.