Monthly Archives: March 2013

A pebble in my shoe.


I couldn’t say yes. Can’t say no. Can’t let go of what I know.
At first I was puzzled. Then I was mad. Now I think it’s good to be bad.

Cannot unhear. Cannot unsee. Those words, those eyes observing me.
They tickle and tease. They’re so wrong they’re right.
I let them tuck me in at night.

This is not a day to celebrate women.

It is a day to remind ourselves that there is still work to be done. To focus our attention on the inequality, the injustice and the oppression that women around the world are still subjected to. Simply because they were born with a vagina instead of a penis.

Do you live in a place where girls have the same right to an education as boys do? Where a woman is not handed over from her father to her husband as a possession? Where a 15-year-old female rape victim will NOT risk being charged and sentenced for “fornication”?

Good for you. But is that really something to celebrate? Shouldn’t we all (regardless of sex, sexuality, skin color, religion etc.) be able to take our freedom and equality for granted?

Let’s not celebrate the international women’s day. Let’s acknowledge it and promise to do something, a little something every day, to give boys and girls a chance to live their lives as individuals. Free from archaic and confining gender norms. Ok? Ok.