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Fun and games

I got what I wanted.
Then I realized I wanted more.
So now I take what I can get, until I can’t take it any longer.

Until I want someone else.
Until he wants me too.
Until I’ve had enough.
Until he’s had enough.

Game on.
I’m in.

Just a kiss

You wanted to fuck me. Feel my naked skin under your hands. Touch my cunt, squeeze my buttocks and my breasts, bite my nipples and grab my hair. Taste me and hear me moan with pleasure. With pain.

You wanted to come inside me. Take me over.

And I wanted it too. But most of all I really, really wanted you to kiss me.

No thanks

JW: Hey hon. What you doing?

Me: Working. Just quit my job to start my own business. Stressful but fun.

JW: Are you naked?

Me: Oh, I should clarify: I don’t fuck for money. I’m a freelance writer, not a whore.

JW: You should be naked.

JW: So, can I help you with anything today?

Me: No. But thanks for asking.

JW: Then you can help me instead. I could use some help today.

Me: What do you need?

JW: I need to see and feel your fine body.

Me: Take a number.

The End.

Wicked game

He took his cock out.
Told me everything he wanted to do with me
I touched myself, and said thank you.

Afterwards, I sent him a picture of me.
He said I was so pretty. From the inside out.
I started crying, and said thank you.

Tomorrow, I’ll see him again.
He will smile and say hey cookie, what’s up?
I’ll smile back, and say fuck you.

Break my heart

Did I really think my heart had an immune system of its own? Well think again.

My heart is a masochistic traitor. Along with the rest of my body. A few scratches and bruises were apparently not enough to get me off this runaway train. In fact, there’s no such thing as enough.

I’ll keep wanting more until I’ve had too much or gone too far. I won’t stop until I come crashing into the wall. Until I let him chew my heart up and spit it out.

Not until I’m broken, can I pick up the pieces and move on.

So go on. Get it over with.


I couldn’t go through with it. Yet I couldn’t not want it. And I still want it. I got three weeks of foreplay, then nothing.

Nothing, but the constant yearning for something that is no longer available. Something that would eventually have made the withdrawal even worse. Something that I could not bring myself to do, no matter how much I wanted to.

Something else held me back. Maybe my heart. Maybe it has its own special immune system to protect itself from being shattered.

Maybe. But the rest of me still wants that next fix.

Yes woman

Is it wrong? Will it hurt me? Am I acting against my better judgment?


Will I do it anyway?


Will I regret it?


Life is too short.