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Life is like a bag

The Swedish comedian Hans Alfredson once said: “Life is like a bag. Void and empty unless you fill it with something.”

Sometimes I think there’s a hole in my bag. No matter how much I put in, it still feels empty.

Then, sometimes I think I have a really ugly bag. I hate the sight of it and just want to exchange it for a prettier one.

Other times, I think it’s a plastic bag. Stick my head into it, and I might suffocate.

But most of the time, I just wish it had neat little compartments to keep stuff in order. Then I wouldn’t have to waste so much time looking for things in all the wrong places.

Big change starts small

Look inside.
Acknowledge your emotions. Identify your values and thought habits.

Look outside.
Recognize how your thoughts, values and emotions are manifested in your interaction with others.

Look back.
Find the root of your values and behavior. Don’t get tangled up in the past. Don’t expect to find all answers. But the past will never leave you alone, so you might as well learn something from it.

Look ahead.
Decide what you want to change. Imagine how you might affect future generations by the way you think and act from now on.

Think and act accordingly. And talk about it.