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The Maker

Making believe.
Making a mess
Making something out of nothing.
Making a change.
Making it work.
Making it up as I go along

Making love.
Making a living.
Making a precious moment last.
Making an effort
Making mistakes
Making my humble dreams come true.

Life is always in the making.
I’m the Maker.
So are you.


Don’t hold back.
Don’t be afraid of failure.
Don’t protect yourself.
Don’t hide.

Don’t obey.
Don’t listen to jerks.
Don’t doubt yourself.
Don’t wait.

Don’t behave.
Don’t think too long.
Don’t punish yourself.
Don’t stop.

Don’t say don’t.

Do it.

No thanks

JW: Hey hon. What you doing?

Me: Working. Just quit my job to start my own business. Stressful but fun.

JW: Are you naked?

Me: Oh, I should clarify: I don’t fuck for money. I’m a freelance writer, not a whore.

JW: You should be naked.

JW: So, can I help you with anything today?

Me: No. But thanks for asking.

JW: Then you can help me instead. I could use some help today.

Me: What do you need?

JW: I need to see and feel your fine body.

Me: Take a number.

The End.